Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Being Home Again Bit-plus some seabream!

I have just read over my last posting-oh how the mighty are fallen! I have a bad case of Ozymandias Syndrome as i write this. I went, i ate, i came home 10 lbs heavier. Oh and i fell in lust with Captain Frank Martinsen whose mangling of English intonation (if not grammar) woke me every morning at 7.30 (or siffena surty as he so winsomely put it). I can't write much now, mainly cos my swollen digits can't manage the tiny keys on the laptop. Did i  say we would rise serenely and breakfast on biodynamic morning dew? Well we did actually-Frank saw to that-the rising bit i mean. The breakfast bit contained more calories than Friar Tuck could shake a stick at. I have managed to put on 10 lbs in 9 days. Curse my genetic inheritance. And equal curse to the Royal Carribbean suits who conceived of the 24 hour buffet for the oink oinks like me. Curse also to our wonderful dining room waiter Sherwin, who smilingly smoothed the carpet to obesity hell every evening at 7 pm. 

I shall tell more anon but for now it's back to IRON rations. This evening it involves a lovely whole seabream i had in the freezer for crises such as these and i am roasting it on a bed of cherry tomatoes with garlic and a chopped red onion. i shall mix it with string beans (which i have just bloody well overcooked through writing this thing-damn!) and then season it with some Maldon seasalt and black pepper and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar.   I shall then retire to the living room to scoff it cos i have been incredibly hungry since i got back-tho for the life of me i can't think why...


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