Thursday, July 23, 2009

The final Alack + smoked chicken

It is the day of Doom. Alack the day arrived and L plus CH plus DCs flew off to ne'er be seen again (ok in 7 weeks but i never let that kind of reunion ruin a good moaning blog,,,)

Yes, they left and i am somewhat bereft. Life goes on of course but it is much poorer without Louise, Brian and the DCs.  So the only way forward on this awful evening is with comfort food-how else would i get over the loss?-those of you with suggestions of walks, baths and evening classes-get a life! Food is the only emotional conduit that can fill the hole i am currently feeling.

So i am roasting some free range chicken drumsticks which i bought earlier on a special in Dunnes Stores on the way home from work. i have tucked in cut up field mushrooms, zucchini chunks, halved tomatoes and garlic cloves and am now cooking the bejasus out of the lot of them-as befits my mood.

When they are done i shall sprinkle over some parsley and mint that i have chopped and frozen ( and if you are new to this, read back and get with the programme-yes i am in that kind of fierce humour tonight).

And a bit of balsamic vinegar. Cos i don't care about my WW leader this week(i am in mourning so sue me...), i am also cooking some couscous with the juice that pours out of the chicken dish, topped up with a wee bit of water. When all is done, i will pile it up on a plate and go and watch CSI New York to remind me of my sis and my years there. And I don't care, i fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed (thanks Keats, you said it for me)


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