Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More alack the woe + coriander chicken..

Well, the momnt of doom has arrived and my kitchen is full of my sister's cast offs. Let's get one thing clear-I wanted them. I am innately incapable of throwing stuff out that might, in 5 years, come to useful fruition, and i simply made her give the crap to me. CH was mystified but he just does not understand the Favier squirreling intstinct so here it is and indeed i shall find a home for that medium sized sieve if it bloody kills me.

I will miss them so much and can't wait to head to NY in September. My yearly visits have taken on a regular pattern, most of it cellulite inducing. Manhattan Ave Thai for sesame noodles, Long Island Bar for company and getting gently pissed under the ministrations of Hungary's finest bartender this side of this Atlantic (or any Lantic for that matter) and Eggs Hollandaise in the Greenpoint Coffeehouse-ok, i admit my sister owns this joint but i don't care, the food there is simply wonderful. And the coffee-they will make perfect coffee even for an Irish milksop like myself-the patience and tolerance of these people knows no bounds!

After the excesses of the last few days (Mum turned 80 and we pretty much let rip food wise-commendations to Kevin for his roasted sweet potato and his couscous with whole roasted garlic cloves-I wub woo Kevin....), my thoughts now turn back to healthlier stuff-ie my WW meeting looms large..

So tonight i am simply grilling some chicken which i have marinated since i got home from work in chopped fresh coriander, crushed garlic, chili, ginger and soy sauce. All the flavourings i have in the freezer and i got out the chicken breast this morning. It is well worth buying the fresh coriander, chilis and ginger, chopping it up finely and putting it into Ziplock bags (the ginger into one inch chunks that you can grate from frozen) and then all you need is the meat and garlic I stuck it all in a bowl with some sesame oil and a tablespoon of soy sauce and let it sit. you can put it in the oven if you don't have a grill. Meanwhile, boil some Basmati or jasmine rice and sit the chicken on top. Steam some broccoli florets or baby spinach if you have it to hand. Yummy. Easy food to have in the mourning period!


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